About us

With expertise in mobile messaging under the Krayons brand, we have been providing a wide range of messaging services to clients to further communicate with their customers, colleagues and partners.

All our solutions are high quality in-house design, robust and flexible to quickly meet any needs of any client. To our clients we provide quality messaging solutions guaranteed by a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement), available with no limitations regarding the location of the client.

Krayons platform guarantees high quality, uninterrupted service through our extensive partnerships with Mobile Operators we offer you access to our worldwide distribution network of high quality routes, which provides a robust service.

As one of the best messaging aggregators in the world, we have pricing power towards suppliers that allows us to price competitively with no loss in quality. Krayons philosophy is to seek strategic partnerships with large enterprises and institutions, aiming to ensure value preservation and value creation through messaging services delivered across the globe.